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Celmac Angling:

Fishery Rules


The fishery rules have been laid down by the management for the health and safety of the anglers, fish stock and the pond’s environment. Any visitor failing to comply with the rules will be asked to leave and will be banned from fishing this water.




The management have the right to refuse entry


The rules are as follows:

  • All visitors must have an E.A licence
  • No keepnets except in matches
  • No bait to be thrown into the water or left on the banks after you have finished fishing, you must take you litter home
  • No bad language, alcohol, fouling or damage to the property
  • No dogs allowed on the pond
  • Barbless hooks only
  • All fish to be handled with care and returned to the pond unharmed
  • No fish to be removed from this water
  • Baits you can use are: maggots, casters, worm, sweet corn, luncheon meat and bread (Tameside Angling centre feed pellets and paste can be used) this is to monitor a balanced diet for our fish stocks
  • Landing nets must be used for fish over 4oz
  • No night fishing fish 8.00am till dusk.


Take your litter home!

Every angler has a duty to care for the waters, environment and the wildlife it supports. Litter is unsightly, dangerous and disrespectful to the countryside; this can result in the loss of fishing.


No shouting on pond show respect for residents


Contact numbers:

Ian Bayley: 07930830669

Jason Rimmer: 07706642537

Tameside Angling Centre: 0161 335 9200


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